Terrace Seating

Terrace Seating will consist of two (2) rows located on the west sideline above the sideline club.


  • Access to the sideline club including complimentary snacks, food for purchase and cash bars
  • 20.5 in. wide leather seat
  • Private Fertitta Center entrance

Terrace Seats are available for purchase up to a maximum of four (4) seats per account.

For more information on how to obtain Terrace Seating, please contact Cougar Pride at 713-743-GoUH (4684) or email cougarpride@uh.edu.

A minimum one-time Fertitta Center Commitment following the above section(s) will increase the likelihood of obtaining seating in these categories. While the minimum one-time Fertitta Center commitment provides a greater opportunity to purchase Luxury Seating and/or Priority Chairbacks, it does not create a right to the location of these seats, as this will be determined during the Fertitta Center Seat Selection Process.