Refer a Coog

DOLLAR GOAL:   $7,000,000


MEMBER GOAL:   5,000


To meet its 2017 fundraising goal of $7 million and 5,000 members, Cougar Pride asks all members to participate in the Refer A Coog campaign.

There are 253,000 University of Houston Alumni worldwide, yet only 4,186 Cougar Pride Members. Houston Athletics does its best to engage as many proud and loyal Houston Alumni as possible, but we simply do not have the time or resources to connect with everyone. That’s where you come in!

The University of Houston is unique in that nearly 60% of all graduates still reside in the Houston area. As a way to reward our loyal Cougar Pride members that are getting others involved, the Refer A Coog campaign was born. Here’s how it works . . .

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*For every new Cougar Pride Member that a current member recruits, both members will receive five (5) priority points.

*Five (5) priority points is equivalent to a $500 donation!

For example:

John is a current Cougar Pride member. He convinces his friend Katie (who has never donated before) to donate $100 to Cougar Pride to support student-athlete scholarships. John receives five (5) priority points for his referral, while Katie receives six (6)
(5 for being a new Cougar Pride member, and 1 for her $100 donation).

In the next two weeks, John refers two more new Cougar Pride members; Celena and Brendan. For this he receives ten (10) more priority points.

John will receive five (5) points for each new Cougar Pride member that donates through the Refer a Coog campaign.

How to participate:

  1. Download and fill out the Refer A Coog form here REFER A COOG.
  2. Email completed form to
  • *This is the only way both parties will receive 5 priority points per new participating member.

The goal of this program is to:

  1. Increase the number of Cougar Pride members, and
  2. Reward existing members who recruit their personal contacts to become new members
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