Why Membership Matters

The cougar pride athletic fund is the central source of championship revenue for houston athletics.

When you contribute through Cougar Pride, you directly impact competitiveness by creating life-changing scholarships. Nearly 80% of the Athletic Department’s scholarship budget is derived from Cougar Pride Athletic Fund per seat and outright philanthropic commitments.

You also make a direct difference in the lives of our student-athletes, as we support and graduate our Cougars as lifelong leaders of character

Therefore, Cougar Pride Athletic Fund members receive exclusive benefits…rewards that correlate with both impact and appreciation.

Membership benefits include:

    Priority access to club, suite and premium seating options for both Houston Football and Men’s Basketball.
    Available options are first extended to Cougar Pride members, with interest organized and ranked via the Cougar Pride Premium Seating Waitlist.

    Priority access to Conference Championship, NCAA Championship and away game tickets.
    Eligibility and seating options determined by Cougar Pride benefit level.

    Parking for Houston Football and Men’s Basketball
    Determined by Cougar Pride benefit level.